Object As A Service

The three data pillows

We offer to our clients and partners skills to workaround business data :

  • Faster capture and real-time data analysis with external clients with IOT Lab

  • Structure data business processes with internal Open Source Tools Training

  • Explore the power of your data with Bioinformatics Consulting

Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns

IOT Labs

This service is under development, and will provide a full platform from ideas to small series production (<= 100). Our platform will be 100% Made In France.

Our claim is : From electrons to information

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Open Source Tools Training

As we use a lot of Open Source Software, we can provide adapted trainings for two majors products to our B2B Clients: Odoo and Alfresco.

Our Training Organization Number could be provided

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Bioinformatics Consulting

More than 10 years in R&D environments (Labs, DataMining, DataVisualization) provide a full service to our partners and clients in order to adapt, develop and maintain R&D IS.

See more on my Linkedin profile : Benjamin Prunier