An innovativ data platform


The main objective was to create an IOT plateform to measure tire wear with a device. The customer has developped an algorithm linked to a special device.


Firstly, we create the IOT platform to retreive tire wear measures from an specilized measurement tools.The data processing was developped to be on real time and timestamps bases.

Secondly, we create all the tire type database with the capability to administrate all of tire types. After having the measures, we create the algorithm to estimate tire usury. This step was a bit complex, due to the diversity of all tires types. The algorithm need to be on real time, in order to alert user for usury.

At the end, we build a platform for client in order to handle all their vehicles.


The platform was developped in django and html.

The platform was hosted by O.A.A.S beetween 2019 and 2022.

All the customers can handle their vehicle fleets in a safe environment.

This platform was build and designed to handle million of records both in grabbing and processing.


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